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Tenants look to online reviews when making rental decisions, and these reviews can heavily sway those decisions. With Opiniion, you get positive reviews on autopilot and can manage tenant feedback. All with one system.

Why reviews matter
in property management

Love it or hate it, online reviews now play a huge part when it comes to your residents’ apartment hunting decisions. And that’s not going to change.

The problem is, great experiences aren’t as big a motivator as negative ones. For every 100 residents, the 99 that have a good experience are far less likely to share it with the world (i.e. leave a review) than the 1 resident that felt they had a bad experience. And let’s not even get started on bad actors weaponizing the review system by leaving false reviews about their competitor’s properties…

This amplification of negativity skews the data, leaving a false picture of your property online.


Apartments are the second most impacted industry by online reviews and comments.


of apartment seekers said reviews on sites such as Google &

have a significant impact on choosing their next living space.


of residents said they would not even consider moving into an apartment complex that

has lower than a 3-star rating.

91 negative reviews

online can cost a local resident living property as many as

20 potential resident visits or tours.


can help?

At Opiniion, we turn reviews into your competitive advantage. Our automated system doesn’t just get more reviews from your residents (and lots of them, see below), it gets more reviews from your residents that had a great experience.

This increase in positive reviews boosts your star rating, overwhelms any negative reviews left by people outside our system, and makes reviews something you positively look forward to rather than fear.

Because remember, 75% of residents utilize online ratings and reviews multiple times during their apartment search… so when you task Opiniion to boost your star rating and positive reviews, your property will rank higher than your nearby competitors when potential residents are searching online for an apartment.

We chose 44 new properties Nationwide and documented their success over a 3 month period using Opiniion.

Rodger Forge


1.8 Stars


3.8 Stars


La Vina


2.5 Stars

3.8 Stars


Vue Kirkland


1.9 Stars

3.1 Stars


What our happy property management customers are saying:


Josh, ZRS Management

“Opiniion has become an extremely important partner for us… In the multifamily industry things move fast, with results and positive performance needed in real time and Opiniion is able to deliver on both those needs… We saw an increase in our online reputation and star rating almost instantly… We could not be more happy with the relationship we have created and the results we’ve seen so far.”



“Opiniion is one of the best management tools we’ve been introduced to in years… We have tried many ways to improve our star ratings with Yelp, Google and Apartment Ratings to bury negative reviews that many times aren’t warranted… Once we signed up for Opiniion that changed almost immediately.”


Jennie, AMC

“Opiniion has been a big benefit to our multifamily assets. The solicited reviews have not only helped boost our online reputation, but it has also helped us to get true feedback from current and former residents to see where our teams are succeeding and where we need to place more focus. I would definitely recommend Opiniion to anyone looking to boost their online review ratings.”

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