How Bad Reviews Help Your Business

There is an oft-repeated phrase in business: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Whether or not this is true, it is certainly true that getting a bad review from a customer can ultimately help your business. While you may not enjoy hearing negative things about your businesses or products, bad reviews can help boost your sales. Below are five ways that negative reviews can actually help you.

1. They Inform Your Customers

No product is perfect for every use, application and customer. While the thought of selling to everyone is nice, it isn’t a realistic expectation. Instead, your customers are making informed decisions about whether your products and services meet their needs. Bad reviews can help to educate your potential customers on whether they will benefit from your offerings or not.

The most valuable customers are the ones that come back and buy again. If your customers know what they are getting before they buy, they are more likely to be happy with their decisions. Happy customers are significantly more likely to buy from you again.

For example, if you sell a lawn care product that is less effective in very dry climates, a bad review indicating that it didn’t work well in a dry area will educate your customers. The result will be a larger portion of your customers buying from wetter climate, leading to more satisfied customers.

2. Bad Reviews Increase Trust

Have you ever looked at a product and only seen perfect, glowing reviews? It is hard not to suspect that the company is only showing you what it wants you to see. Some negative reviews demonstrate that your team is comfortable being forthright with your customers. This is an important aspect of fostering trusting relationships with your buyers.

In many cases, negative reviews aren’t even flaws with the product. They may be about something secondary such as the delivery. Additionally, they may be contradicted by other positive reviews. However, displaying that bad customer feedback puts potential buyers at ease that you aren’t hiding any important information from them.

3. You Can Respond to Bad Reviews

Say you run a restaurant that offers delivery, and a customer received her food cold. If she didn’t leave a review saying so, you may never know there was a problem at all. However, if she gave you a bad review, you’d have a chance to respond and offer to make the situation better. It is an opportunity to convert a dissatisfied customer into a happy one, possibly even one who keeps coming back.

Mistakes happen in business, and products have flaws. However, many of these issues are limited in scope or are resolvable. When you engage with your customers following bad reviews, you can address their concerns and make them feel heard. In many cases, simply offering an apology and attempting to rectify the problem will result in a satisfied customer.

4. They Provide a More Accurate Picture

Many consumers examine both positive and negative reviews when making buying decisions. They compare what other buyers liked about a potential purchase against what they didn’t like. If they are able to find examples of both good and bad things about the product or service, they are more likely to believe the reviews.

If your product has a perfect five out of five stars from every review, many potential buyers will likely wonder whether the reviews are even real. Seeing some negative reviews helps them feel confident that they are getting an accurate and truthful representation of the good and bad aspects of your product.

5. Bad Reviews Let You Know How To Improve

Your products and services aren’t perfect. Every business can improve upon its offerings. Bad reviews give you a chance to improve. They are real feedback from real customers telling you what would make them happier with your business. In many ways, that is superior to traditional quality assurance testing.

Like all setbacks, a negative review can be a chance to learn. If you listen to what your customers have to say, you can improve your offerings, make them happier and increase your sales.

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