About Us

Opiniion is the optimized way to gather real-time customer feedback for your business. We integrate with hundreds of CRM systems, allowing you to automatically collect real-time customer feedback.


After working several years with small businesses and owning their own businesses, our founders saw a need for a better way to automate and optimize the process of getting reviews.

With a focus on simplicity, they made sure that our platform can integrate into most CRM systems, therefore making it easier to monitor and manage reviews. Our dashboard is designed to let you analytically use the data the reviews provided.

Our Mission

If you don't have a strategy to get reviews, you're likely falling behind. Reviews are read by almost 97% of customers before making a purchase decision. Our goal is to help you get better review ratings to rank you higher in online search results and to help show others how awesome your business is.

Opiniion allows you to gather valuable feedback from your customers. It also helps you mediate and respond to customers who may have had a less-than-favorable experience. Knowing your customer and what they want can help you make better business decisions.

Our Culture & Values

Our culture is just one that needs to be experienced. We hate the saying of "work hard, play hard," we believe in working hard while having tons of fun along the way. Like our software, we are always optimizing, so our time at work can be full of productivity and fun.

Our values are the same as our clients, we treat others as we want others to treat us. We know that it is our clients that make this all possible for us, so we work hard to make sure they are beyond happy with our service.

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