Why You Need a Software Platform For Your Reviews

For a majority of consumers, online reviews play a critical role in whether they go to a certain business. Therefore, every business needs to manage these reviews properly to know what people are saying about the company. This can be tough to accomplish, especially if you have pages on multiple review sites. This is why you need to invest in a comprehensive review software platform. It makes this job so much simpler.

Collect Feedback With Greater Ease

With a dedicated platform, you have a simpler time gathering all your reviews in the first place. Many business owners do not realize how many websites are out there where people can leave reviews. It is easy to overlook one, and that is enough to leave a negative impression on consumers. You can save a ton of time by automating the process by which you collect feedback.

Manage Reviews and Feedback

Once you have collected all of your company’s reviews, you need to figure out what to do with them. You can respond to positive reviews by thanking the customers for taking the time to write out their thoughts. At the same time, do not neglect the negative reviews. You can reach out to these customers and offer a way to remedy the situation. You can collect and view these reviews in the order you receive them, so you respond to each one in a timely manner.

Look at Everything From Anywhere

Chances are good you have a smartphone with you. With a software platform like this, you can access it everywhere you go. This means you do not have to wait until the next day to see what people are saying. You can respond in real time and do not have to be tied down to your desktop.

Respond in a Way That Works for Your Audience

When customers leave a review on Facebook, you probably do not want to give a response over email. With this software platform, you can also see where most people are leaving reviews. If most people are interacting via Facebook, then that is where most of your energy needs to go. You need to post more content here because it is where most of your customers are.

Empower Workers

When your employees know you are looking at each review, they are more likely to deliver positive experiences. To further empower your workers, you can offer incentives if customers leave good reviews about how a certain employee helped them. You will gain more loyal employees when they know they will be directed rewarded for their actions.

Opiniion has an incredible review software platform for business owners to utilize. You are missing out if you do not get on board, and you can try it out for free today. Call us at 855-330-9980 if you are ready to take your company’s online presence to the next level.

The Value of a Positive Review

Despite the prevalence of online review sites, many business owners still overlook the importance of what their customers say. Getting more positive reviews can actually translate into greater revenue because more people are learning about how great your company is. This is why all businesses need to strive to get more customers to leave positive reviews online.

Positive Reviews

The primary review sites are Yelp and Google. If your business manages to get a high rating on both of those, then customers are more likely to go to you over the competition. Additionally, studies have shown customers are willing to spend more when they see a company has great reviews. For example, a study conducted by Cornell University found that hotels can raise prices by 11 percent with every one-star increase in their rating without losing any customers. The greater your reputation, the more you can charge.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp has acquired over 127 million reviews since its founding. Many people now turn to Yelp to learn about a new business, and with good reviews, many customers will try a new venture out. Most business owners can expect a boost in revenue if they adequately manage the company’s Yelp page and attain positive reviews. Yelp can do a lot of good for your business, especially if you respond professionally to bad reviews and thank users for good ratings.

Facebook Reviews

Many people are on Facebook throughout the day even if they are not looking up businesses. Therefore, it is good to maintain a constant presence on the platform. You should post relevant content regularly so that people keep your business in mind as they scroll through their feeds. Additionally, when your business has a Facebook page, consumers are more likely to trust you.

Google Reviews

When people Google your business, they now receive a score out of five stars. If your company only has two or three stars, then there is a chance consumers will not even give you the time of day. With four or five stars, people are more likely to go to your website, giving you the chance to really sell your products or services.

Good Reviews on Your Website

Once someone has gone to your webpage, you need to turn that click into a sale. One way to accomplish this is to include several positive reviews on the home page. People can immediately see what others have to say about your company. When you amass upwards of 100 positive reviews, your company’s conversation rate can increase by up to 37 percent.

You should never feel scared of reviews. In fact, you should be happy when people feel compelled to talk about your business. To enhance the way you manage such reviews, get in touch with Opiniion by calling us at 855-330-9980.

Why Reputation Management Is Important to Small Businesses

People are likely to ask their friends about a business before buying something themselves. When personal recommendations are unavailable, they will turn to websites like Yelp to find more information. You do not want to create review sites for your company and then immediately forget about them. Reputation management is vital for any company, and there are ways you can implement it to your advantage.

Stay on Brand at All Times

While you need to pay attention to what others say about you, you also need to be mindful of the content your company produces. This means being constantly aware of your mission statement and the demographics you want to target. If you plan on utilizing a hashtag, then you want to research the origin to make sure it concurs with your company. When companies start posting irrelevant content, customers begin to tune out.

Analyze the Needs and Wants of Your Customers

Your business may have seen declining profits in recent months. It can be tough to pinpoint the cause of this, but you can learn a lot when you see what people are saying on the internet. For example, customers may have complained online that your restaurant does not offer any vegan options. With this new information, you can update your establishment’s menu to coincide with this trend. Not only will you draw in more customers, but they will appreciate you took their input into consideration.

Build Credibility and Trust

No matter how good your business is ordinarily, sooner or later you will get a bad review. This is normal, and there is no reason to concern yourself with a couple bad ratings. In fact, you can use these negative reviews as a chance to build your brand further. You should respond to these bad reviews in a polite way and offer a solution to improve the customer’s next experience. Other people will see these responses and understand you actually care about your customers. When people see a ton of bad reviews with no responses, they assume the business owner is not reading them.

Make Sure You Put Your Best Foot Forward

You should have someone working at your business who responds to any complaints promptly. If it takes you a day to respond to a bad review on Yelp or Twitter, then that is enough time to ruin a customer relationship quickly. When other people see you are unresponsive, they will not want to give you a shot. Being responsive is a great way to separate yourself from your competition.

Reputation management can make or break a company. You can learn more about negative feedback mediation with Opiniion. Contact us today at 855-330-9980 to see where your business can improve when it comes to customer interaction. We will help you identify problem areas so that you retain more customers.

Why Reviews Are Important

People no longer have to be professional critics to leave reviews of businesses. With websites such as Yelp and FaceBook, anyone can review a company. While many business owners get scared at this prospect, this is an excellent opportunity to expand your brand. Reviews can be a powerful marketing tool, so do not neglect them.


When people search for any kind of business near them, they can instantly find results on Google. Along with the name of the business, there is also a star rating next to it. If your business adequately utilizes search engine optimization, then there is a greater likelihood your business will show up in that privileged space. You automatically reach a greater consumer base, all because you opened your business up for reviews.


Even when someone goes onto Yelp to find businesses, you need to be accessible. Your Yelp page must feature vital information in addition to all the reviews. It should contain your company’s address and webpage. That way, people intrigued by the reviews can go on to research your business. Your Yelp page should never be a dead end. It should be an opportunity to grow even more.

Decision-Making Influence

The quality of reviews your business gets can influence prospective customers. In addition to the rating, people often scroll down to read some of the reviews to get a better sense of the business. As long as you have overwhelmingly positive reviews, customers are more likely choose you over the competition. As a business owner, you can encourage your regular customers to leave a review, and that will in turn influence others to pay you a visit.

Search Engine Optimization

Having review pages is a great way to make your business more visible on search engines. In fact, many business owners find the company’s Yelp page ranks higher than the actual website. Even if the individual Yelp page does not rank, your company may still appear as part of a list.


Naturally, when you get a Yelp page, you can expect at least a couple negative reviews. Do not let those scare you. No business is perfect, and some people are bound to have a bad experience once in a while. The good part about this is that many modern consumers are savvy. They understand that as long as a majority of customers have good things to say about the business, then it is still worth checking out. Internet-savvy customers know to look past the negative.

Are you looking to get more customer feedback on your business? If you answered “Yes,” then you need to get in touch with the experts from Opiniion. Contact us today, and we will help you get more online reviews faster. With our help, more people in your town will find out your company exists.

Get More Business With Positive Online Reviews

Reviews Can Get You More Business

A majority of consumers utilize online reviews to make purchasing decisions. As a result, positive reviews can help your business thrive, while negative ones can destroy a reputation. You need to make sure your company gets plenty of positive reviews so that you can get more business from new customers. While you may think there is nothing you can do, there are ways you can influence customers to leave you good reviews.

Make Reviewing Easy

There should be multiple outlets customers can leave you a review on. These are some of the most popular review sites:

Angie’s List
Bing Places

Your business should have a presence on as many of these as possible. The three big ones that everyone should focus on is Google, Facebook and Yelp. Trying to cover your basis on all review platforms assures that no matter what social media platforms your customers use, they can find a way to say something positive about your company.

Give Customers a Reason To Rave

You cannot control what customers say about your business. The most you can do is to give everyone who steps into your building a reason to say positive things. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this. You can greet all customers with a smile and say, “Have a nice day” when they leave. A big part of this involves giving your employees the training necessary to provide excellent customer service.

Reward Employees

Many customers’ reviews will relate to how effectively an employee helped them. Therefore, you can make sure your employees are more customer service-oriented by rewarding them for getting positive reviews. An incentive program is great for any company, whether that means giving out a small bonus or a gift card.

Ask for Feedback

Even if people have good experiences, they may not necessarily go online to talk about it. During checkout, employees can ask customers, “Can you leave a review for us online?” Many businesses offer customers incentives for creating an account or checking out an online profile. Once someone is on a site, they are more likely to leave a review.

Engage With All Reviews

Sooner or later, someone will leave a bad review. You can still positively reinforce your company’s brand by responding to the review in a professional and polite manner. Apologize for the poor experience and offer a solution to do better in the future. When other customers see you responding, they get the sense that this is a business that cares. You may even change some minds. For people who leave positive reviews, a simple thank you goes a long way.

Online reviews are the way of the future. You are not doing your business any favor by ignoring them, so it is time you become engaged with what people have to say about your company. To get more and more positive online reviews, get in touch with Opiniion. Call us at 855-330-9930 to learn more.